Custom Peg Dolls


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Your peg people, your way!

If you can’t find what you are looking for then this is for you!

Peg doll sizes are

9cm straight and rounded, 8cm straight and rounded, 7cm straight and rounded, 6.5cm rounded, 6cm straight and rounded, 5cm rounded, 4.5cm straight, 4cm rounded, 3cm straight and rounded. If you want to see how they compare to each other then check out the photos.

Please email with details of your custom pegs. For family sets it would be really helpful if you could provide photographs.

I can also do custom gnome shapes which are 7cm tall.

Peg dolls 6.5cm and over are UKCA tested and suitable for children over 10m who can sit unaided

Peg dolls under 6.5cm are CE tested and suitable for children over 3 years because of small parts and risk of choking.

Additional information

Weight 100 kg

9cm Straight Peg, 9cm Rounded Peg, 8cm straight, 8cm rounded, 7cm Rounded Peg, 6.5cm Straight Peg, 6.5cm Rounded Peg, 6cm Straight Peg, 6cm Rounded Peg, 5cm Rounded Peg, 4.5cm Straight Peg, 4cm Rounded Peg, 3cm Rounded Peg, 3cm Straight Peg, Gnome, Hat peg, Mushroom, Ball, Large Kokeshi, Small Kokeshi, 7cm Kokeshi, 8cm Kokeshi, custom for Kathryn initial, custom for Kathryn dino